Thursday, May 7

My Eco House

Okay, well in our class we have to design, or describe, or even give some links to websites that give information about eco-housing!
If you want some information about it, then here are some websites...

Eco-housing info. (This has some information about Eco houses)
Ecobob. (Making Eco living easy)
Sustainable way of living. (This shows you how to live in a sustainable way)
Best green home tips. (This is a good site, which has tips on how to make your house green)
EcoValue. (This has a whole page of info and prices of Eco friendly products)

I hope this will be Helpful, it was for me!

miss south africa


  1. If you had to design your own eco house, what would it look like, describe it. : ]

  2. Wow! What a freaky looking house!
    Can you write a statement in your own words about what eco-housing is?