Thursday, May 7

My Eco House

Okay, well in our class we have to design, or describe, or even give some links to websites that give information about eco-housing!
If you want some information about it, then here are some websites...

Eco-housing info. (This has some information about Eco houses)
Ecobob. (Making Eco living easy)
Sustainable way of living. (This shows you how to live in a sustainable way)
Best green home tips. (This is a good site, which has tips on how to make your house green)
EcoValue. (This has a whole page of info and prices of Eco friendly products)

I hope this will be Helpful, it was for me!

miss south africa

Wednesday, May 6

Handy Tips

We are learning about Sustainability in our class as you have probably realized, so i thought while we are on this topic i might aswell give you some tips on how to keep our beautiful earth green!

First of all plant a tree, trees aswell as give us oxagen, soak up all the nasty gases in our atmostphere!

When you are cold and think of turning on the heater, don't, rather put on a jersey or another t-shirt, or even longer pants!

When you are about to get in a car or bus, think first, do you really have to? Would you be able to ride a bicycle to where you are going? Instead of making more fumes in our atmosphere from petrol, and that sort of stuff, GO GREEN : ]

Buy local fruits and veges, or encourage your parent to! By supporting imported goods you are contributing to gases and fumes from ships and planes that they use to get goods overseas!

You could even contact you energy supliers and ask if the energy they suply you with is from renueble sources, if not you could swich to another company.
But to prevent all the bad things in our environment