Sunday, July 12

Sustainability argument writing...

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like if everyone took care of the environment, i.e, took time to do things like plant trees and grow our own vegetables and fruit in our own gardens at home, managed their waste disposal and thought about how much CO2 they were creating and letting off into our beautiful world that used to be much more clean and green! I am writing to inform you of how i feel about sustainability and tell you about how we are living and how it is effecting our planet... our ONE and ONLY planet!

Living sustainable is definitely better!
firstly, it is better because we need to keep the planet green for future generations. (our childrens, childrens children)
we are using so many things from unrenewable sources which is using up our world. Someone i know once said "what is the point in trying to make a difference, we are only a few people, we will not make anything change". If everyone thinks like this, in a negative way, then of course nothing will change. But if everyone does something little then we could do amazing things! I was thinking the other day, adults are always telling us to go play outside... well, in years to come if the world is going to carry on like this, going out side for a play will not be the best option! Imagine this... you are sitting inside and its quite a nice day, you want to go outside and hangout with your friends so you go to your mom and say that you are going out side for a while and will be back soon. Your mom says "you cant go outside it is to polluted, rather stay indoors"! If you think about it that is the way we are heading, soon that is the way it will be like! Just think about it for a while.

Secondly, we need to keep the level of pollution down so that plants and trees have a natural and healthy environmentto live in. I personlly think that we are getting more and more gready as the years pass and we are cutting down things like trees just so that everyone can have atleast 10 packets of paper in their house! Then, we are creating so mch waste from it! It is a lovely feeling to walk in a forest full of lutious green trees and have plants and flowers growing in our gardens, dont you think? Even these days you can see how the world is changing so fast! People are wanting bigger and bigger houses and more spacious yards, more and more buildings are being built, i.e. hotels, houses, supermarkets, malls and many more things. If you think about it our parents survived without huge mansions, and all the luxuries that we hae these days. If everyone just took what they needed then our planet would do okay, but at this rate in a few years we are going to need five earths to keep us as humans going with all our priorities and so called "needs".

I was thinking about it and i am sure that all the pollution in the world affects us as humans, i mean it can not be doing our bodies any good, i know that it would only afecct us a tiny bit, but arent scientists finding all these disceases and sicknesses that wern't even thought of years ago?
come on guys lets keep New Zealand clean and green! New Zealand is a beautiful country, i know, there are beautiful plants trees and nice birds too. If everyone does their bit to be sustainable then we might actually get somewhere.

thanks for reading my sustainability argument and i hope you learnt something and will try and make a difference from now on, if you are not already doing so.

miss south africa

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